Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Originate Your Own Sound

Besides art, music also serves me as an inspiration, especially when it comes to jazz music. I admire musicians who want to make a difference in their music, and have their audience members read between the lines, you know? Of course, it depends on your taste of music, but to me their aren't many musicians who do that anymore.
However, without knowing what type of music Leigh Lezark from The Misshapes creates, I wanted to draw her, because I'm also in love with leather jackets; and the one she is wearing from GAP is a bit up there in the price range. I could only dream, right? The sketch is self-exaplanatory, just pencil on paper, but I really emphasized on the darks in her jacket.
On the other hand, I will definitely look into her music, and see if it serves me as an inspiration.

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