Monday, June 20, 2011

I'm back!

The road trip was long, as it was meant to be. Our destination was Montreal, and we had to cross all of New York State to get there. It was a rather sad trip, because one of my relatives had died, so i really couldn't get that much drawing at all. I merely did two drawings, and I felt sad for that as well. I wanted to give my family support and care, because that's what you do, right?
One of my aunts had caught a liking for my sketchbook, and so I showed her my work. She then told me a personal experience that had happened to her at the funeral service. My aunt said that she had seen the Virgin Mary, with a greenish veil, which was only a profile, but her face was covered. She had wanted me to draw that appearance for her, because she wanted that image to stay with her.
After various sketches, we came to the finalized one (above). I'm happy to say that she liked it. With this experience, I caught a little insight as to what the Illustration world is going to bring for me. Sometimes, you have to go through various sketches and ask again and again, but the result is worth it. I'm happy that I went with my family to Montreal to share the love and to begin again.

P.S. I haven't drawn for today yet, so there is more to come!

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