Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Going Green!

I know its a bit late for Earth Day and all, but I don't know what drove me to pick up a GREEN Sharpie Marker. It's weird, sometimes I get these urges to try and do stuff out the of ordinary, and express them through my artwork, but I went with it this time. You may never know what results might bring with these risky chances that you take. I highly recommend it!!
At first, of course, I didn't like it, but I pulled myself through with it and started mixing in different mediums. First I used a regular pen, one that you write with, then I started using a GREEN Sharpie Marker, and then I finished it off with colored pencils. Somewhat satisfied with the end result, but we'll see what happens later....


  1. I really like this one of you drawings. I love green and again really like your use of tone in this.

  2. Thanks for joining MY blog and for the comment Jocelyn! This piece was more of an experimental one, but I'm glad you liked it!