Friday, June 10, 2011


So after a brutal two days of the heat wave that hit New York City, the weather is finally collaborating with everyone. Its acting like Springtime, the way its supposed to be. The last two days were just a preview of what the summer will bring, and I know I will not be happy about it.

Today I decided to draw models, with springtime clothing on. I used kraft paper, which is one of my favorite supplies to use, as well as nupastels. I like drawing with these pastels, because in a way I feel liberal with them, free, in the sense that I add more and more color to it, because I somehow see them. The fact that they are a bit dusty makes it all the more challenging for people to use. But hey, I like 'em....


  1. oo that looks cool! the girl on the left looks really cool.
    were you drawing real life models? did you try what sal told us to add water to it?

  2. Thanks! Nope, not drawing real models, I was actually using a picture, and "drawing the life back into it" as much as possible. I was too scared to try the water thing, but I'll definitely try it on another drawing.....