Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bermuda, a trip that I will never forget...

Being the first of our cruises yet to come, Bermuda was a perfect destination to go to. The first thing that I saw of Bermuda was how colorful the island was. You could see pink, blue, green, grey, and yellow houses. It made the country all the more welcoming as we pulled into the port of Hamilton. There were beautiful sights everywhere, the beaches were something that you had to see for yourself. You can say that I am officially spoiled by the beaches that the tropics have to offer, compared to the polluted waters of the New York City.
However, the craftsmanship of the boats and houses was something that I wanted to capture when I decided to draw out the landscape that Bermuda has to offer. I wish I could have applied a bit of color, but that could be for later.

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